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Paniwala & More is the numero uno market player in the professional services of manufacturing, processing and supplying all your water solutions from the year 2010.

Committed to provide complete customer satisfaction through quality products in compliance with industry and internationally set norms, Paniwala & More is engaged in manufacturing and supplying water that are used extensively by different sectors and industries. Equipped with features like robust infrastructure and highly-advanced technology, we ensure quality products and excellent services for the highest satisfaction of the customers.

Why Us

An amalgamation of talent, technology and innovation, we are a trusted manufacturer of packaged treated water services. Our experience helps us being well versed with latest technologies and our team imparts and tests products purification. Delivering quality products to our clients has always been our top priority. Therefore, we make sure that our products and solutions meet our client’s goals with upgraded agility and reduced costs. We have been able to achieve unparalleled reputation as we have always delivered quality timely services each and every time.

Our unmatched 9 Step Water Treatment Process



Ground water is collected from bore wells with Disc Filter


Sand Filtration

Removal of superfluous particles as small as 30 microns (0.001mm)


Charcoal Filtration

Granular activated charcoal Filtration - Removal of colour, odour and hazardous pesticides and other chemicals


Reverse Osmosis

Elimination of excess minerals and salts.



Mineralization and Advanced Filtration - Adding appropriate amounts of essential minerals to make the water healthier and sweet


Micron Filterlization

Removal of the smallest contaminant particles (as small as 0.45 microns) from the water


UV Filterlization

Using UV-C rays to kill or inactive the microorganisms in the water, making them harmless for the consumer



Treatment of water by Ozone is more effective than Chlorine, and it does not remain in the water



After the filtration process, each bottle is marked with a code indicating the batch number and the date of packaging. Every batch goes through several quality checks to make sure that each bottle meets thepaniwala’s high quality and purity standards

Quality Controllers

Machine Operators

Skilled & Semi-skilled Workers

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Safeguarding Guaranteeing Quality

The entire purification process is conducted with utmost care and attention to cleanliness. Dust-free and hygienic packaging process guarantees purity in every drop. The chemical and micro-biological tests are conducted with the highest parameters in our labs to ensure the water we serve is of the highest quality standards. Paniwala & More guarantees that water is safe to consume, complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The testing process involves analysis to ensure that variables such as temperature will not affect taste. The results of this testing are kept in a master database, and factories may only utilise approved materials.

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